Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Daily 3 Math - Math Writing

I am so excited to be transitioning to Daily 3 Math this year!  I LOVE Daily 5 and it has seemed to work wonders in my classroom.  For my Kinders, it seems like routine is always better.  That is what I love about the Daily 5.  Students are slowly introduced to different stations and activities.  We learn them together and practice them together whole group or in small groups.  Then it is left to them at their stations.  The activities change slightly based on what we are learning (ex: different sight words - same activities, different writing papers - same process, CVC puzzles vs. CVCE puzzles).  It is WONDERFUL.

I knew I just had to make this transition for math.  My math stations, while they worked, were just too much of a headache.  Come Wednesday, my kids forgot how to do their stations that day.  They need more of a routine.  I took my favorite activities and centers from math time & put together a Daily 3 Math Centers - Math Writing - Unit 1: #0-10 Packet!  Each packet has 9 centers.  You slowly introduce them to your students, whole group & small group.  Then they can do them on their own.  Daily 3 Math Centers - Math Writing - Unit 2: Teen Numbers becomes a much easier transition because students are already familiar with the activities, it just has different numbers and some slight changes.  It is FABULOUS!

Back to Daily 3 Math Centers - Math Writing - Unit 1: #0-10 - I am thrilled with how this turned out.  This packet is all centered around students writing.  Writing numbers, forming numbers, tracing numbers, etc.  I am obsessed with laminating so for this packet, I laminate most things and allow students to use dry erase markers to complete.  This way I can check it then (or later if we are in a time crunch) and it doesn't waste paper! Go green!

The packet explains all the centers and any prep needed (though you are free to set them up a different way if you would like).  Here is a little peek at some of the activities in the packet!

Plus much, much, MUCH, MORE!  Grab it here on sale for a limited time!

Do you do Daily 3 Math in your classroom?  I would love to hear all about it!


  1. I have not done Daily 3 Math YET - but this year I am planning too! Thanks for the helpful information!

    1. I have LOVED IT!! I am planning on blogging more about it this school year so follow along if you are using it as well!

  2. Thank you so much. I am loving this packet.

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