Thursday, June 26, 2014

Daily 3 Math - Math with a Partner

More Daily 3 Math posts!  I am so excited to have finished creating my first Daily 3 Unit!  Daily 3 Math Centers - Unit 1: #0-10!  The piece that I just finished is Math with a Partner!

Students love learning with one another.  Students gain some much knowledge from working with other students.  I love this component of learning and love that it can be used during math time.  My Daily 3 Math Centers - Math with a Partner - Unit 1: #0-10 has 6 different activities that can be completed with partners during math centers.  These activities will stay pretty much the same throughout units but the content will change.  There may be new activities added here and there to keep students engaged, but the change in content makes all the activities like new.  It really helps to create independent learners and they love knowing how to play some of these games on their own!

Here are some snippets from my Daily 3 Math Centers - Math with a Partner - Unit 1: #0-10

 Some of the cards for "war"
 Go Fish Card Game
 Building Towers Game
 Race to 100!
 Different board games!
 Many different sets of flashcards!


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