Thursday, June 26, 2014

Daily 3 Math - Math by Myself

I recently posted about Daily 3 Math & how excited I am to be using it in my classroom this upcoming year.  I have been busy putting together my old math stations and math centers and fixing things up to make them new, independent, and centers that can be expanded upon from standard to standard.  My first post, Daily 3 Math - Math Writing, has some examples of my first Daily 3 Math Writing Unit: #0-10.  It also expands on how I use these centers a little more.

I am very excited to share with you my Daily 3 Math Centers - Math by Myself - Unit 1: #0-10.  These centers are completed individually and independently by students.  They focus on numbers 0-10 and help to provide a strong foundation of those numbers.  There are 9 different centers for students to chose from.  When they go to this station, they are able to pick what they want to do.  These centers will be expanded & tweaked just slightly for Unit 2: Teen Numbers (coming soon) so that students will understand what is expected of them and will know how to complete the stations.  It is fabulous!  Kids love all of these things.  Below you will find previews of a few of the activities my Daily 3 Math Centers - Math by Myself - Unit 1: #0-10 contains.

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If you like this, please check out my other products that work great for Daily 3 (you do not have to do daily 3 math for these centers to work, all of the centers can be used during regular math stations/math centers)
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