Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Help Your Child

Do you want to help your child (or students) to become a better reader?  Great!  We all have the same goal!  This can be a tricky, and sometimes frustrating, process.  Here are a few tricks, tips, and resources to help your child become a better reader!

It can be tricky as a parent or an educator to teach a child how to read.  Check out these tips, tricks, and resources to help your child become a better reader.  Resources include pages for comprehension, sight words, nonsense words, CVC words, and more.  All of it is parent and kid friendly!

Tips & Tricks:
  • Don't make them do all the work.  There is a lot of pressure put on kids to read.  If they are the ones forced to read all the time they will learn to hate reading!  We want them to enjoy it!  Continue to read stories to your child!  They are still a kid afterall!
  • Take turns!  I read, You Read.  This makes reading more enjoyable. You read a page, then have them read a page.
  • Celebrate the little things! Whether your child is reading only a sight word or is guessing words based on pictures, CELEBRATE IT!  We want to raise confident little readers!
  • Let them pick!  Kids will love reading if they are reading about topics they enjoy!
  • Expose your child to a variety of texts - cereal boxes, cook books, road signs, postcards, magazines, newspapers - text is everywhere - exposure is always good!
  • Read every day. Studies show positive correlations between kids academics and exposure to books at home.
Looking for resources?  Check out this packet - Help Your Child Become a Better Reader.

The packet contains:
  • Sight word activities
  • CVC word activities
  • Comprehension Retelling Sheets
  • Easy to use resources
  • Simple directions for activities
  • Kid and Parent Friendly Activities
All of these activities can easily be implemented at home!  I give this to parents in my class and they absolutely love it.  They find it to be great guidance for how to help their child at home.  It is easy to support materials I send home as a teacher (books and sight words) because they have an abundance of resources to help them!

People have said:
"It is a great resources to give to parents." -K.I.
"The parents really appreciate the page about helping their child become better readers." -C.H.

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