Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Yoga in the Classroom

If you are anything like me, you would laugh at the thought of doing
yoga.  I have tried it a few times before and it just wasn't my thing.  I
have a hard time being silent and I am the least flexible person on
this planet.  I prefer a long run over yoga any day.

I have found a series of free yoga videos for kids that includes yoga stories, yoga poses, and yoga for the classroom!  My kindergarten kids have loved doing yoga when they need a brain break or are stuck indoors for recess.  A new video was recently uploaded and the kids went nuts over it (HINT: It has to do with a movie series)!  Check it out!

much as yoga is not for me, I completely understand the benefits of
it.  Everyone who does it raves about it.  I have seen articles about
yoga in the classroom and chuckled when I saw them.  People think my 5
year olds can be quiet and do yoga for an extended period of time?? No

We had many days of rain and indoor recess.  I was
out of new ideas and figured I would give yoga a try.  I have no idea how to teach yoga, but there are fabulous YouTube videos.  My kids LOVED
it.  It is a new indoor recess favorite.  Cosmic Kids Yoga has at least 10 different yoga episodes.  They are fun, involve characters, and the kids go on an adventure.  It is a great, and quiet, way to do indoor recess.  I highly recommend you try yoga in the classroom with your kids.

I have posted one of their favorites below!  What is your favorite indoor recess activity?

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