Monday, March 24, 2014

Safari Time!

My entire classroom is safari theme. I went on a safari last winter and fell completely in love with it.  I just had to have my classroom theme be a safari.  I have different table names, each after an animal (lions, tigers, rhinos, zebra, giraffes, and tigers).

We recently have been working on researching a topic and writing about it.  We researched and wrote about penguins as a class.  We researched and wrote about polar bears as a class  The kids LOVED it.  I decided it was time for them to do some research in groups and create books about their animals.  They are already in tables with an animal so we just used those!  The books came out GREAT!  The kids had such a fabulous time reading books and researching the animals.

I even created non-fiction animal books for each of the tables to use when doing research.

I have some writing samples that I will share later on (I don't have the pictures with me currently), but I do have pictures of all the covers we made for the books.  The kids loved having a special craft that they got to do and loved showing off their animal!

After creating the title pages, the kiddos added the title to their book and their name.  We displayed our books proudly in the hallway :)

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