My Classroom

So here it is!  My home away from home - the place where I spend the majority of my weekdays at!  My lovely classroom:

 This is my classroom library (I have my tall bookshelf and bookshelf of their bookboxes to the right - they are just not pictured).  The kids use this space for Daily 5, rest time, when they are doing research, and much more!  I have added the sky behind the giraffe now.  I plan on posting our reading strategies on the blue sky as I introduce them to the class!

You can see my class tree to the left - this is my favorite part of my classroom!  I add my kiddos thumb prints at the end of each year.  Each color represents a different year that I have taught and a different group of kiddos.  I can't wait for my tree to grow some more!

 I did it!  I got rid of my chunky and cluttery teachers desk.  This is not my area!  My kidney table is where I do all of my small group instruction.  I have my CAFE wall posted right there so my kids can reference it during guided reading.  I have all my materials, intervention supplies, guided reading baskets, etc. all the shelf behind my table.  I also just love the POP of color that my ribbon curtain added to the room!

 This is my clutter wall!  I have tons of games, supplies, craft materials, etc. under those lovely pieces of fabric!  Every teacher hides clutter somewhere, right?!

 This is the view of the classroom from my guided reading table.  I have 5 tables (each can seat 5 kids).  They each have a color and an animal to go with our safari theme. 

Here is the view from the front!  It shows my completed library area, my assistant's desk, my manipulatives, and word work shelves!

This is just a quick glimpse into my room!  I would love to hear what your favorite thing is about your room!


  1. Hi, your classroom is lovely and bright and very tidy! I'm a teacher in Oxford, UK and I'm constantly developing my classroom to make it bright as well as organised! I have introduced the idea of Daily 5 to my classroom (it's not something that is done in the UK so I'm still trying to get my head around it all!) and I'm wanting to introduce Daily 3 maths this year too. What I really struggle with is how to introduce the centres to the children without them having to sit on the carpet for ages. I know you have said that you do a great system where you have worksheets that are similar and therefore the children know what to do so they can get on with it. When you are right at the beginning of a unit and only introducing the first style of sheet what do you put out as the other activities that the children can just get on with? Do you use your mini lesson as a way of introducing the sheet or is that more of a concept teaching time? I would really appreciate any advice you can give me please. Thanks Claire

  2. When I do math, I do it very similar to reading. It is a short mini lesson and then they go off to centers or do a worksheet. I have a lot of products in my store that I use for math time. Sometimes it just takes a quick mini lesson of how to do a sheet (I do you watch, I do you help, You do I help, You do I watch) and then they have the hang of it. Other times, the center is used in the mini lesson and the kids pick up on how to do it. I don't have too many options in math centers to begin with. It builds up as we learn them throughout mini lessons.

    I also do another mini lesson that is more of a concept teaching time. I hope that helps some!