Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Technology Gadgets for the Classroom

I am super excited to have 3 new tech items for my kindergarten classroom this year.  I received all three items this summer and had plenty of time to "play" with them before bringing them into my classroom.  Below you will find out the 3 items that will transform my classroom this year and how I plan on using them!

Technology is one of my favorite things to use in the classroom!  These three gadgets are great for school.  Check out some wireless tech tools and how an echo dot can be used in the classroom!  Number one is a must have for me!

1.  Amazon Echo Dot

  • This might be my favorite purchase.  I am so excited to introduce my students to Alexa.  I can't wait to use the Dot to play music, look up the weather, check math facts, spell sight words, and more!  I can hear it now: "Alexa, does 3+3=6?"!  So many possibilities!

2.  Wireless Mouse

  • Another exciting purchase for me!  I can't stand sitting at my computer or standing at the board when teaching, however, it is often necessary to navigate the screen, slides, websites, etc.  This wireless mouse will allow my students to be in front of the class & I can navigate from the back.  Students need to be the center of everything, I love how this will allow so much flexibility when teaching!

3.  Wireless Doorbell

  • School should be fun!  Wireless doorbells add a little fun into the day.  I can't wait to use this as an attention grabber and for transitions.  It will even add some extra excitement when our mystery readers arrive & ring the doorbell!  I purchased a doorbell with 2 different clickers, that way I can have one and my assistant can have one.  There are sooo many awesome tones as well - holidays, birthdays, songs, nursery rhymes, calming chimes, rings, etc.  I love the options!

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