Thursday, July 20, 2017

Ideas for Flipgrid in a Kindergarten Classroom

I love summertime.  It gives me time to relax and learn about new tools for the classroom.  This summer I learned about Flipgrid.  Flipgrid is this really awesome platform where you create video grids around a question or a topic.  It then can be shared with your students, colleagues, PLN, etc.  Those people upload video responses.  You can then respond to responses and so on.  It is GREAT!

So, with all these new tools and platforms, I always want to know how it would work with my kinders.  I know that my kids are capable of doing anything they put their mind to, however, there are some technology tools out there that really are not very kinder friendly.  This one, Flipgrid, is!

I have found a new technology tool that I love for my classroom.  Flipgrid is a digital video message board that you can use with other teachers, your students, or globally.  Check out these ideas for how to use flipgrid in your kindergarten or elementary classroom!  I will definitely be doing 1-3!

Here are some ways to use Flipgrid in your Kindergarten or elementary classroom!

  • Book Reviews - Students upload a review of a book they read (you can even create a separate topic for each genre if you would like: non-fiction, poetry, fantasy, etc....that would be good for upper grades!)
  • Weather Reports - One of our big science standards is to understand weather and how it changes over time.  My kids will submit reports on the weather.  I hope to collaborate with classrooms across the country or globe to have them submit weather reports as well.  My kids could really see how weather is different all over the world!
  • Culture Reports - One of our big social studies standards if to understand how cultures are the same and how they are different.  I hope to have people from my PLN and classrooms around the globe add videos to a Culture Grid.  Topics will include food, clothes, traditions, etc.  We can then look through videos and learn about many cultures!
  • Genius Hour Pitches - Use this as a place for your kids to pitch their ideas for genius hour
  • PBL - Use Flipgrid as a place for students to reflect on PBL
  • Math Word Problems - I am going to let me my kids be the teachers!  They will submit a response where they state a word problem they create.  Students can then access the grid and solve their classmates word problems.
  • Writing Process - Create a grid with a topic for each part of the writing process - have students check in after each step!
  • Individual Portfolios - Create a topic for each individual student.  Let that serve as a digital portfolio for that student.  They can share any work on their individual Flipgrid topic that they would like - writing samples, word problems, counting, book responses, etc.
How are you going to use Flipgrid in your classroom?


  1. Hi Kelsey, I love, love, LOVE your idea about using Flipgrid with the weather! I teach K in MO and would love to do this with you! You can connect with me at or on twitter at @MrsShiningerKDG. (I'm your newest follower!) I have used it with other classrooms across the country doing a mystery letter where we gave each other clues and answered back. Thank you!!

    1. Hi! I somehow missed this during the school year this year! Lets plan to connect via flipgrid for this upcoming school year! Weather would be perfect!

  2. Hello Kelsey, It is the first day of summer vacation here in Florida and I am at a technology conference. I am learning about FlipGrid and of course I am immediately searching how it can be incorporated in Kindergarten. I love all of your ideas that you have mentioned above! I am a visual learner! Is there a way that you can share the Grids that you have done with me so I can see what that looks like? I love this concept but I really would like to see it in action by a fellow kindergarten teacher! My email is :)

    1. I am working on a new post about Flipgrid that will hopefully include some screenshots of grids & some examples of videos! Be on the lookout for that to come soon!

  3. Thanks for posting your Flipgrid ideas! I'm planning to use Flipgrid with my K class next school year...but I was wondering if you had ideas for typing in the password. I have some who will be pros at it, and others who might struggles. What did you do in your classroom? Thanks!

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