Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dollar Deal!

I have an unhealthy obsession with the dollar spot at a certain store.  I can't walk into that store without browsing the dollar section for goodies for the classroom.  It is crazy because I seem to ALWAYS find something that can I need for my classroom.

Well, I found myself at that store AGAIN this week and was so excited to see my favorite product back!  I bought these little guys two summers ago.  I used them in my classroom for the past two years and they are one of my favorite things to use in the classroom!  I had to stock up on some more because we use them CONSTANTLY and when they are not being used by my students, another teacher is borrowing them to use with her students!

You are probably looking at these and thinking what is so great about whiteboards?!  Everyone has whiteboards in their classroom.  They have been around forever.  Well, yes. That is correct, but there is something so great about these little ones.

Things I LOVE about these mini-whiteboards:
  •  Kids only have a limited space to write = no crazy drawings and scribbles all over the board
  • Primary lines = perfect for practicing letter formation
  • Two sided = we don't worry about erasing until the end {does anyone else find the transition from writing to erasing and back to writing to be the biggest headache?!}
  • 4 whiteboards for $1 = SUPER FABULOUS DEAL!
  • Tiny boards = perfect for tiny hands!
 Ideas for use:
  • Name practice - at the beginning of the year, some kinders need the extra practice writing their name!  Here is a great way to practice!
  • Letter practice - I say a letter sound and kids write the letter that goes with the sound.  They hold it up and it is a quick way to check to see where the kiddos are
  • Letter names - Same as above, just say a letter name and see if kids are capable of writing it
  • Sight words - writing the sight words for the week, practicing spelling, etc.
  • Sentence formation - I give the kiddos one word and they take that word and turn it into a sentence {ex: I say "pig" and students responses may vary from "Pigs are pink" to "I saw a pink pig rolling in mud at the farm" - it differentiates itself!}
  • Math equations - students write and solve equations on the board
  • Math equations (again) - I give students an answer and they come up with as many equations as they can that equal that number
[Who has used these in the classroom?  What other ways can you see this tool working in your classroom?]

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