Thursday, January 30, 2014

Comprehension & {Give-Away}

Comprehension is such a difficult thing for beginning readers to grasp.  I constantly am working with my kids are reading comprehension.  It is something that I watched my students struggle with and something that I knew I needed to fix.

When I was assessing my students reading ability, using running records, they were doing PHENOMENAL.  They had all the words right, paused after punctuation, used pictures to help them figure out words, self-corrected mistakes, and they were just superstar readers.  I was excited to assess them using mClass (the program NC uses to assess students now) and see the growth they made.

I was a little set back when my students weren't exactly where they needed to be.  I talked with other teachers and they had the same results in their classes as well.  The students were reading the stories almost perfectly, but they weren't retelling and comprehending the stories enough to move onto the next level.

I knew I had to do something.  I created Reading Comprehension Passages that are designed for Kindergarten (although can be used in other grades as well).  I now have 3 different sets of passages on 3 different levels.  These are great to use with students.  It is a quick way for them to practice reading and comprehending.  The passages use many sight words and CVC words so that they are on their level.  The passages also have a picture to go along with it so that students have an idea about what they are reading, but it still challenges them to work on their comprehension because the picture doesn't tell them everything.

My Reading Comprehension starter packet contains 20 different passages.  Each passage is offered in color and in black and white.  The passage is just one sentence.  The questions focus on comprehension and print concepts.  Below is a sample of one of the passages.

My Reading Comprehension (Level 2) packet contains 20 different passages.  Each passage is 2 sentences.  There are 3 comprehension questions following (multiple choice) and 1 question where they respond with a picture.  Below is a sample of one of the passages.

My Reading Comprehension Pack (Advanced) contains 22 different passages - fiction & non-fiction.  Each passage has 4 comprehension questions with 1 of them being a response by picture.  Below is a sample of one of the passages.

If you are interested in a packet, comment below with which packet you would like and an e-mail address.  I will randomly pick one lucky winner on February 9th.

Have a grrreat day!


  1. Love these! Short and easy to read, but with enough content to make the comprehension meaningful! I would love the Advanced pack!